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Bestsellers, Budapest

Bestsellers bookstore Budapest logo
Where? Budapest, Hungary

February 2008
(Read more on Bestsellers in our Report from Budapest)

This is the last bookstore we visited during our stay in Budapest. Bestsellers is an exclusively foreign language bookstore and it only stocks new books.

The stock of Bestsellers amounts to more than 10 thousand titles. One part of the store is reserved for a wide offer of magazines and newspapers in English and partly in French. We also appreciated the selection of books in the humanities section, which contains titles on psychology, cultural studies, philosophy, politics, international relations, religion or sociology. There also is a history section, with a special focus on Hungarian history, but also on the Central European region in general and the Balkans. The bookstore stocks numerous books by Hungarian authors, which were translated into English. The travel section offers a wide selection of all the usual travel guides, even of the unusual destinations. The fiction section can be found in the back part of the store. The offer contains most of the new releases, and although its limited size doesn't allow for a breathtaking selection, it is surely decent. Besides books in English, which are the primary focus of this bookstore, you can also find a few shelves devoted to French books. Bestsellers also offers its customers the possibility to order the titles they desire and fail to find in the store.

Bestsellers was opened in 1992 as the first English-language bookstore in Budapest, near the Szt. István Basilica. From our point of view, this store definitely deserves your attention especially because of the well-stocked non-fiction section, while on the other hand, the rather high prices are the bookstore's downside.

Bestsellers bookstore BudapestBestsellers
Október 6. ú. 11
(V district)
1051 Budapest

: http://www.bestsellers.hu/

Phone and Email:
(36-1) 312-1295

Working hours:
Mon-Fri 9-18:30
Sat 10-17
Sun 10-16

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