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D2K, Budapest

d2k bookstore logo

Budapest, Hungary

February 2008
(Read more on D2K in our Report from Budapest)

This is another bookstore we stumbled upon during our visit to Budapest. Unlike all the other bookstores in the city, the D2K bookstore has a very narrowly defined field of interest. It focuses uniquely on books related to design.

First of all, the owners of this bookstore deserve praise for being brave enough and starting a project like this. Since no other people entered the bookstore during our visit, we assume that D2K probably serves the needs of a smaller number of specific customers. However, this is not due to a lack of interesting titles on the shelves, but probably also to the other negative factor in play - the location of the store.

Their growing collection currently comprises of several hundred titles and each one of them is a visual delight. We found books on graphic design, photography, many books on architecture, calligraphy, typography, posters and many other related subjects. The vast majority of their books are in English.

D2K is Hungary's only design bookstore. The whole store is actually one big room, with lots of space occupied by two armchairs and a table in the middle. The shelves are spread along the walls a are filled rather sparsely. The overall impression is close to something like a museum of books, where each book is exposed in its own proper space. Anyone interested in visual arts won't leave this store disappointed. Also, be sure to check out their cool business cards...

d2k bookstore budapestD2K
Ó utca 19
(VI district)
1066 Budapest


Phone and Email:
331 49 31

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 10:30-20
Sat 10:30-15

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