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Petra's International Bookshop, Madrid

Petras International Bookshop Madrid logo
Where? Madrid, Spain

[UPDATE] Petra's International Bookshop CLOSED in 2014 [UPDATE]

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Recommended by: Miguel Marcos
Visited: August 2008
(Read more on Petra's International Bookshop in our Report from Madrid)

Miguel said: "Petra's International Bookshop sells used books in many languages including English, you can sell books for store credit"

We have really enjoyed our visit of Petra's International Bookstore during our stay in Madrid. This bookstore is full of history and nice memories, loads and loads of books in all imaginable languages, English being the largely prevalent one. As we try to explain in our Report from Madrid, if you really wish to discover what this bookstore has to offer, it is going to require much more than just a few minutes of your time. We have to add, that we definitely recommend that you reserve some time for your visit, as the experience is really worth it.

The bookstore itself consists of several rooms which literally suck you until you reach the last small room with the leather armchair where you can take a well-deserved rest. The offer of the bookstore covers so many subjects, that it's difficult to name them all - the first room holds mainly fiction, both modern and the classics, but there's also sci-fi and fantasy and in the other rooms you can find separate sections dedicated to politics, sports, travel, gardening, medicine, psychology, art, theater, cinema, photography, economics or comics and books for kids. Petra's International Bookstore is strictly second-hand and many of the books are offered at really low prices.

Petras International Bookshop MadridPetra's International Bookshop
C/Campomanes, 13

Petras International Bookshop Madrid


915 41 72 91

Working Hours:

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Anonymous said...

He you, you should put email address, so I can contact you via email from Canada. Allan Camers

Sonja said...

Hmm, we've been there some 3 or more years ago. Perhaps all the good books are gone because of Christmas :)