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Pitkä Mies, Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

Recommended by
Jelle Hugaerts

Jelle said: "The name of the store is Pitkä Mies and it is a comic store that carries cutting edge art comics, graphic novels and mini comics, mostly from the States but also a very good selection of Finnish comics."

Another bold and fresh project has found its way to our mailbox: Pitkä Mies - a heaven for comics lovers - opened just recently in Helsinki. Jelle Hugaerts, a well known figure in the Finnish comics community, decided to upgrade his online store focused on comic books from all over the world into a real concrete 3D bookstore. And he put a lot of effort into creating a store that would stand out and satisfy the needs of even the most demanding comic freaks.

The first thing you notice upon entering the store is that a lot of attention has been paid to the interior design, which reflects the taste of the owner. Of course, Jelle's taste is most expressed in the selection of the comics and related books the store offers - his specialty being alternative comics both from Finland and abroad. Hand in hand with the carefully selected offer of the comics genre comes a handpicked (by Ifsociety, a small Finnish indie music label) collection of vinyls (focusing mainly on the indie scene with a special coverage of the Finnish experimental music) and also design T-shirts from Finland and the US connected with the comics subculture. To top it all, to complete your experience in this ultimate comics spot, once you're too exhausted to move, you can just drop in one of the sofa's with a cup of vegan capuccino and slowly start digesting all the visual impressions...

Pitkä Mies, with its 90 square meters is a part of the Finnish comics centre that will open soon. This creates a unique space where practically all elements of the Finnish comics subculture are concentrated under one single roof. Pitkä Mies - the bookstore, the only comic art gallery in the country run by the Finnish comics society, and a group of young comics artists known as the Kuti Kuti comics collective occupies the basement of the building. The Kuti Kuti ensemble also provided a huge silkscreen printing machine, which should be used in workshops that will take place here along with lectures and other events starting from September on. Still, this is not all there is to tell - it is best to see it for yourself and experience this comic strip paradise.

Pitkä Mies
Kolmas Linja 17
00530 Helsinki


Email: pitkamies@pitkamies.net

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 11 -19
Sat 10 - 16

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Otto said...

Alas, Pitkämies is no more...