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Librairie Saint-Hubert, Brussels

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Brussels, Belgium

August 2008
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When walking from the famous Grand Place through a beautiful covered gallery opened in the mid 19th century, we couldn't have missed this amazing looking bookstore specialized in fine arts. Librairie Saint-Hubert is a bookstore closely connected with the art scene and this is obvious from the first moment you set your foot in the store. Actually, it's enough to take a look from the outside.

Galerie Saint-Hubert (also known as Galerie de la Reine and Galerie du Roi), is a rather posh looking street and the bookstore which bears its name is no exception. The interior of the store looks amazing, with the beautiful wooden shelves and the dominant chandeliers that both contribute to creating a very particular ambiance of this space.

We were very impressed with the selection of books housed on the shelves of Librairie Saint Hubert. Besides lots of titles dealing with fine arts, in a more classical meaning of this term, the store's offer also proves that it's in close touch with the recent artistic trends. There are sections devoted to web-design, graphic design or street art and other topics which add a very fresh flavor to this bookstore. You can also find interesting postcards and really cool posters in the smaller room on the ground floor. Books in English, although not concentrated in one place, but rather scattered around according to the topic they deal with, form a considerable part of the stock.

The bookstore underwent some important changes in the recent past - its name has been changed from Librairies des Galeries, and the first floor has been turned into a showroom where exhibitions of contemporary artists are already taking place.

saint-hubert bookstore brusselsLibrairie Saint-Hubert
2 Galerie du Roi
1000 Brussel
librairie saint-hubert bruxelles


Phone and Email
+ 32 2 511 24 12

Working Hours:
Mon - Sat 10-18:30

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