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Waterstone's, Brussels

Waterstones bookstore Brussels logo

Brussels, Belgium

August 2008
(Read more on Waterstone's in our Report from Brussels)

Although many people have been recommending Waterstone's to Bookstore Guide, we were reluctant about adding it since it is a part of a large bookstore chain from the UK. However, after visiting the bookstore, we've changed our mind since we've realized the significance of having a branch of such a chain in a non-English speaking country where English, although not being an official language, is widely spoken.

Waterstone's was the first English language bookstore in Brussels. It spreads on two floors and it stocks a large variety of books falling into all sorts of categories - typical for well-stocked bookstores. The first floor is home mainly for fiction, sorted by the authors from A to Z. Furthermore, there is a large selection of magazines and newspapers from the United Kingdom and the United States. Non-fiction can be found on the second floor - religion, politics, sports, economics, art, etc. - as well as a wide range of ELT materials. When it comes to prices, Waterstone's is not much different from other bookstores in Brussels selling new books. However, it is important to mention the "3 for the price of 2" offer, which they had at the time of our visit on many of their fiction titles.

Our overall impression of Waterstone's is actually quite positive - it seemed livelier than most of the specialized English bookstores we've seen in Belgium, France or Spain, but not too crowded, the selection of books was great and the atmosphere of the place wasn't unpleasant at all. We still prefer independent bookstores, but we absolutely agree that having a bookstore like this in any part of continental Europe is a great advantage and a great source of English books for the locals.

Waterstone's - 'the English Bookshop' - can be found just on the outskirts of Brussels center. Waterstone's is one of the leading booksellers in the United Kingdom and it's been operating for over 25 years - with over 300 stores in the UK, Ireland, Holland and of course, Belgium.

waterstone's brusselsWaterstone's
Boulevard Adolphe Max 71-75
1000 Brusselswaterstones bruxelles


Phone and Email:
+322 219 2708

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 9-19
Sun 10:30-18

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Anonymous said...

Not sure that it's accurate to say Waterstone's was the first English bookstore in Brussels. When I lived there, through 1997, there were 2 great shops, WH Smith & Sons on the Rue Neuve in the Center, and the Paperback House on Chaussee de Waterloo near the Bascule. Can't find references to either one anymore. Will have to check out Waterstone's next time I'm there.

Anonymous said...

Actually, what is now Waterstone's in Brussels used to be WH Smith. It was founded in the 1920s, I believe, but was taken over by Waterstone's. I don't know the Paperback House. There is also Sterling Books, in the Rue Fossé aux Loups, between Rue Neuve and Place de la Monnaie.

Sonja said...

Thanks for the info. As for Sterling Books, we actually already have a post about it here on BSG: http://www.bookstoreguide.org/2008/08/sterling-books-brussels.html and we also have a whole bunch of other Brussels bookstores.