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BCN Books, Barcelona

BCN Books logo
Where? Barcelona, Spain

August 2008
(Read more on BCN Books in our Report from Barcelona)

After a day of visiting various (known and not-so-known) sights of Barcelona, we embarked on yet another bookstore hunt in order to explore what Catalunya's capital has to offer. As always, we were looking forward to any additional entry to our Guide and this was, of course, the case with BCN Books as well.

Unfortunately, the prime location of BCN Books is not as favorable as, perhaps, the location of other Barcelonian bookstores in Bookstore Guide (BCN Books is located on the corner of Roger de Lluria and Provenca) but then again it is some half an hour walk away from the main tourist zone i.e. the city center. As a matter of fact, none of the three BCN Books locations are in the very pedestrian zone of the city. However, having walked the distance to the bookstore, we were not left disappointed with what it had to offer.

Spreading on two floors, it is also characterized by an odd, still not at all sterile tidiness and cleanliness. BCN Books sells solely new editions. The fiction and travel sections can be found on the ground floor, while the spiral staircase leads your way up to the heaven of teaching and learning materials for all ages and all levels.

BCN Books has been around for quite some time and it primarily offers various language learning and teaching materials (grammars, dictionaries, course books) - thus it has established itself as one of the prime locations for foreign language books. It also stocks contemporary fiction and classics, as well as a decent selection of travel guides and books on Barcelona.

BCN Books BarcelonaBCN Books
Roger de Lluria 118
08037 Barcelona
BCN Books


Phone and Email:

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 10-20
Sat 10-14

Extra Information: BCN Books can be found on three different locations in Barcelona. For the exact location of the other two BCN Books outlets, visit their official website.

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