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CEU Bookshop, Budapest

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Budapest, Hungary


Recommended by: Agi Paszabi

Agi said: "The name refers to the Central European University, which is in the next building, and which housed the shop too until a couple of years ago. The shop is an all English, mostly non-fiction and academic book shop, not that big, but definitely well-stocked. They have books on: Philosophy, History, Cultural and Media Studies, Linguistics, Sociology, Law, Political Science, Economics, Anthropology, Business and management, Finance, and Hungary and Eastern Europe. They have Hungarian literature translated to English. And the books of CEU Press (mostly on obscure and not very popular topics of Eastern and Central Europe...). And some literary fiction. They accept orders. Quite helpful in that respect. Prices differ, from around 3 euros to 36-38, but academic books sometimes can be rather expensive. Like Black's Law dictionary for example... They also have some newspapers (Economics, Newsweek, Frankfurter, People, Budapest Sun etc..) and postcards and calendars too. Mostly about Hungary. All in all, friendly place."

The fact that Budapest is a city with a surprisingly extensive and diverse offer of English language bookstores is nothing new to those of you who took a look at our Report from Budapest. Still, the newest addition to our list for this city covers a different field of the book market - the academic books. And as Agi's recommendation suggests, it does so pretty thoroughly.

According to the information available online, this bookstore has the same owner as another bookstore with a great selection of new titles - Bestsellers. It is also closely affiliated with the Central European University founded by George Soros and it is the primary vendor of the titles published by the CEU Press in the city of Budapest. The titles published by CEU Press are especially focused on the history, politics, economy and social issues of the Central, South-Eatern and Eastern Europe, or generally the countries which were under the influence of the Soviet Union during the Cold War years.

All in all, the CEU Bookshop seems like a great place for all the students in the city in search of academic titles in English, as well as for those visitors who are interested in getting their hands on translations of Hungarian authors or academic publications dealing with various issues of the region.

ceu bookshop budapestCEU Bookshop
Zrínyi u. 12
1051 Budapest


Phone and Email:
+36 1 327 3096

Working Hours:

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