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Gibert Jeune, Paris

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Where? Paris, France

Recommended by
Mathilda from Russia

Mathilda said: "I actually quite like the Gibert Jeune bookstores in Paris. They have a really wide selection so you are sure to find the book you are looking for, and if you are lucky, you even find the second hand version of it."

The name Gibert Jeune has been associated with books in Paris for some 120 years. Today, it is the most popular and most famous chain of bookstores in the Quartier Latin of Paris. The downside of Gibert Jeune is connected with its size and popularity, many people are discouraged by their overcrowded stores, hectic atmosphere and the fact that the books are not always well arranged and easy to find, that’s why these stores are also known as “the book jungle” or a “book supermarket”. However, Gibert Jeune remains one of the best sources when you’re looking for books in English in Paris because of the wide selection it offers. It differs from other chain bookstores since its branches focus on specific fields and it also has an impressive stock of second hand books. It’s definitely worth a visit especially if you’re searching for cheaper used books in English.

The complex of Gibet Jeune bookstores in Paris is said to hold the biggest stock of books in France. It’s headquarters – the seven-storied book palace on boulevard Saint-Denis was established back in 1934. It’s specially focused on providing literature for university students from all fields of study. Since then, several smaller stores with a specialized offer have been added. Social sciences and religions, Languages, Law and Economy, Medicine, IT, Esoterism, Psychology, you can find books on all these topics in a specific store. These smaller specialized stores (there’s eight of them altogether) are scattered around Place Saint-Michel. The Gibert Jeune chain is also known for buying and selling second hand books in French but also in foreign languages.

Gibert Jeune bookstore ParisGibert Jeune (the main store)
15 bis Boulevard Saint-Denis
75002 Paris


Phone and Email:
01 55 34 75 75

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 9-19

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