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Humanitas, Vilnius

Humanitas bookstore Vilnius logo
Where? Vilnius, Lithuania

Recommended by
tumblezweedz (TravelPunk)

tumblezweedz said: "Over the course of two years in Lithuania we did stumble across a few sources of English books in Vilnius. Humanitas is next to the Contemporary Art Centre and has a wide selection of art books and Akademine Knyga near the university has a pretty wide range of English books available. There are also some chain stores, some in the main streets, some in the shopping centres and these are worth checking out because they always have a totally unpredictable and thoroughly bizarre assortment of books available.
There also are sometimes great old treasures in the antique stores, I've picked up a very odd assortment of titles that way. I particularly like a coffee table book about Vilnius written in the 70s, extolling the wonders of the Soviet society. It's fascinating to compare to a more recent edition."

Both Humanitas Bookshop and Akademinė knyga are owned by Humanitas - a specialist distributor of academic, professional, and language instruction books operating several retail stores in Lithuania.

Humanitas Bookshop offers almost everything from art, architecture, interior design to cooking books and books on fashion. Akademinė knyga offers a wide range of works for lexicographers, plus the usual dictionaries, reference books and paperback novels. One of the better places in town for foreign literature, which you will find in the back room downstairs.

Website: http://www.humanitas.lt/
Email: info@humanitas.lt

Humanitas Bookshop
Vokiečių 2

+370 5 2 610 416

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 10-18
Sat 10-16

Humanitas bookstore VilniusAkademinė knyga
Universiteto g. 4

+ 370 5 2 619 711

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 10-19
Sat 10-15

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